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Thanksgiving Safety Tips

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  • Written By: Dallas Medical Center

Thanksgiving is a few days away, and as you rush to packed supermarkets and begin the holiday feast prep — don’t forget to keep safety in mind. From travel to kitchen fires, here is how to prepare to have an accident-free holiday!

Always Prepare Before Traveling

If you’re a guest instead of a host this year, you’ll want to ensure you get their safe and sound. If driving solo, start the trip with a full cell phone battery and bring a phone charger just in case. Remember, this is a busy day for travel so prepare for traffic, leave with enough time and be aware of all alternative routes. That way, if there are accidents or road closures, you and your family won’t be rushing to arrive before the turkey is carved.

Keep an Eye on The Kitchen

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) “Thanksgiving is the peak day for home cooking fires” with unattended cooking being the leading contribution in cooking fires and fire death. This is why it’s vital that you give yourself enough time to prepare and heat everything. Frequently check your oven and stove, and never leave kids alone in the kitchen.

Clean As You Go

The best way to ensure you are sending your family home full and happy instead of sick and unwell is to wipe down everything as you go. With multiple dishes being prepared and tons of people coming in and out, you want to be mindful to take out food and supplies as you need them, wash down any counters that raw food could have touched, and keep knives safely put away when not in use.

Start Your To-Do List

Before the family arrives and the prepping begins, it’s also a great idea to do a house check. If you are not used to having young children around on a daily basis, you might want to childproof where you can. Make sure furniture is secure and outlets are covered, and cleaning supplies and chemicals are far out of reach. Check all your smoke detectors and change any batteries if needed. By adding these to your holiday to-do list, you can spend the day kicking back and relaxing with the ones you love.

Though it’s vital to be prepared, accidents can still occur. If they do occur Dallas Medical Center has a no-wait, full-service ER and trauma center which is always open.