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Women's Center at DMC

Labor and Delivery

At Dallas Medical Center, we pride ourselves on high-quality and compassionate care. As a new mom, we want to make you feel comfortable and educated as you prepare for the birth of your child and settle into newfound motherhood.

Our women's center is comprised of:

  • 5 birthing rooms
  • 2 operating room suites
  • A level 1 nursery
  • 11 postpartum rooms
  • 1 postpartum suite

Dallas Medical Center Nursery

Your precious baby can spend the first few hours of his or her life in our newborn nursery. We are well-equipped to provide the best care for your bundle of joy. The nurses and staff in this unit are thoroughly trained to handle children in their fragile first few hours.

Our Postpartum Rooms

After you have had your child, our postpartum rooms provide a beautiful view of the Dallas skyline. We want you to experience a calming atmosphere as you get acquainted with your new child.

We also have a suite which can accommodate larger families. Our goal is to welcome you into a place that makes you feel right at home as you recover from your delivery and introduce friends and family to your little one.

Services at Our Women's Center

We want to help pregnant women and women who have just delivered a baby in any way that we can. That is why our women's center is equipped with a lactation consultant who can make sure new moms are provided with the most recent information on breastfeeding.

We offer FREE childbirth education courses for pregnant women who choose to have their baby at Dallas Medical Center. Our Childbirth Educator specializes in preparing you for what to expect during your stay as well as baby care basics. We also offer free tours of our Labor and Delivery Unit to expecting mothers and their family members; tours are available any time, and no appointments are necessary. Please call 972-888-7279 for more information or to schedule childbirth classes.

The Dallas Medical Center has a mix of obstetricians and gynecologists who specialize in both lactation assistance and childbirth education.

Let our compassionate team help you through this significant milestone in your life. We want to bring your little one into the world with the utmost care. If you want a gentle and caring team of physicians and nurses to assist you through your labor, delivery of your child, and make you comfortable during the hours postpartum, contact us at Dallas Medical Center today!

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